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The Lightning Hawk 10 inch comes with a secondary 6 inch barrel set. • Switch between the 2 slides as you wish• [K] design on the grip panels as for [Kendo Shop] – Comes in a wooden case as in the game• Lightning Hawk and Kendo Shop engravings on the box6 inch barrel/slide specs• Fibre hybrid front sight• 6 inch barrel special rear sight• Custom safety lever• Stainless silver finish10 inch barrel/slide specs• Lightning Hawk 10 inch custom barrel• 20mm top long rail• 20 mm under short rail• 10 inch barrel special front & rear sights• Twin Magnaport on the muzzle• Custom safety lever• Lightning Hawk markings on sides• Prototype engraving• Matt black finish

TM Lightning Hawk .50 AE

Varenr.: LBTMLH50
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