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The Loki stealth, AAP01 top external adjustable rail for the Hadron Airsoft Designs "Loki" Hop unit.


Stealth uses a friction lock system, it's quiet quick, and effective. Zero hop self adjust on even high ROF builds.


External Matt black adjustable screw, with Loki laser engraving done in house, and Hadron Airsoft Designs.


The Stealth rail is manufactured in tough black nylon, and supplied with 2 correct length black high tensile Allen screws.


1. Disassemble the upper to remove the hop/barrel assembly
2. Remove the Loki grub screw
3. Re assemble the upper
4. Fix the upper "Stealth" rail to the upper
5. Screw in the stealth adjustment screw - do not overtighten
6. Set the hop gradually

The Loki Stealth

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