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Replacement kit for all the screw & nuts of the TAC-41 (magazine and tripod mount excluded), including:


– M6X16 ISO4762 (x5)

– M5X6 ISO7380-2

– M4X8 DIN7991 (x2)

– M3X6 ISO4762 (x2)

– M6X6 ISO4026

– M6X30 ISO4762

– M4X6 ISO4762

– M8 ISO4032

– M5X12 ISO4762 (x2)

– M6X50 ISO4015

– M6X50 ISO4062 (x2)

– M6 ISO4032 (x2)

– M3X16 ISO4762 (x2)

– M4X8 ISO4762 (x5)

– M4 ISO4032

– M6X20 DIN7991 (x3)

TAC-41P screw set

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