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TAC-41 Variable Mass Piston - Please note you can use the SRS Variable mass piston, all you need to do is swap the rear piston sear from the Stock TAC-41 Piston to the Variable mass piston. 


Whats included:

  • 4 x Red Aluminium Weights (each weighing 8.2g)
  • 4 x Grey Steel Weights (each weighing 24.2g)
  • Piston with new Silverback quieter piston head
  • 2 x Tightening rods
  • Tightening nut
  • Silverback grease


This kit will enable you to customise your piston weight from the standard piston (being 39.8g up to 136.6g with all 4 Grey weights attached)

Silverback TAC-41 Variable Mass Piston - Pull bolt only

Varenr.: SBA-BPS-31
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