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Please note this is a Pre-Order - ETA Summer os 2024

The Silverback MDR-X is the airsoft licensed version of its real steel counterpart manufactured by Desert Tech LLC.


Very realistic in its conception, to mimic the original build and features as much as possible while integrating a high-quality gearbox , able to deliver high performance from DMR to CQB applications.


Version 2 updates include:


New updated control board

New Bevel gear

New motor setting screw

A new nozzle disconnection oring

New nozzle & delayer springs

New delayer screw to improve feeding and durability

Redesigned buttplate to make chaging the battery easier


Out of the box power - less than 2 Joules


Rifle weight - 2705 grams


Realistic construction and assembly

Made under exclusive license from Desert Tech LLC

Fully engraved markings with unique serial number.

6000 series aluminium receiver/outer barrel and muzzle brake.

PA6 Nylon, fiberglass reinforced stock, grip and handguard, synthetic rubber buttpad.

MLOK handguard, with 3 slots at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.

2 steel QD attachments at the rear of the stock.

Ambidextrous fire selector and 3 points magazine release.

Swappable realistic ejection panels.

Realistic motion ambidextrous cocking lever.


High quality Gearbox

Designed to operate on 11.1V Li-Po batteries (possibility to run on 7.4V)

Electronic trigger, CPU motor control, gear cycle and fire selector position detection by Hall Effect sensor.

CNC aluminium wide bore cylinder (26mm diameter, +19% wider than standard AEG), including a spring quick change design.

Useful volume 22.5 cc ( with stock ventilated 75% cylinder)

CNC aluminium cylinder head, NBR piston damper, stainless steel nozzle.

CNC aluminium ventilated piston head, FKM o-ring, POM glider ring.

CNC stainless steel & aluminium spring guide, equipped with a thrust bearing. 3 lugs design ensuring a better axial alignment.

“Tappet plate-less” construction.

CNC aluminium piston body, hardened MIM steel 16 teeth rack.

18:1 torque up gear set, hardened MIM steel.

ADC 12 aluminium gearbox carter, 10mm ball bearing.

Neodymium high-torque motor 19000RPM (11.1V), short axis.


Efficient hop-up design

Hop-up unit made of durable Polycarbonate material.

TCD, rotary ring design.

Incremental “click” adjustments using 2 ball plungers, 36 positions ranging from 0 up to 750 µm with the low nub (installed, for standard bbs configuration), and from 500 up to 1250 µm with the high nub (provided, for heavy bbs configuration).

420 mm brass inner barrel. 6.05 mm bore, chemical passivation surface treatment, AEG hop-up cut.


The MDRX is coming with:

78 rounds AR10/SR25 type magazine (G&P / A&K Type)

Two additional power spring (*).

One semi auto only replacement trigger board (semi/ full auto trigger board installed out of the box) (**).

A pin puncher for easy battery change and disassembly

4 keys (Allen 2.5mm, Allen 5mm, Torx T20 and Torx T25).

One high nub for the hop up unit, to lift bbs from 0.32 grams and above (low nub installed out of the box).

One PCB jumper, used to switch from 11.1V to 7.4V batteries or deactivate battery protection (***)


Available in:

Full Black: SBA-AEG-02BK

Black and FDE: SBA-AEG-02BKFDE



Please note: This is an airsoft replica and cannot be converted to a real firearm in anyway shape or form


Please Note: The MDR-X is a high Spec airsoft replica and should ONLY be used with High quality Branded BB's (Recognised High Quality BB's include Longbow BB, Excel & Tokyo Marui). Using low quality BB's can result in Jams and further complications that will not be covered by the product warranty


The Silverback MDR-X should only be used with the official Silverback MDR-X magazines. Usage of any other brand of magazine will invalidate your warranty due to known issues caused by other manufacturer magazines.

Silverback MDR-X Version 3 (Pre Order)

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