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Moudlar Bungee Cam (MDC)


The bungee cam is a 3d rifle concealment solution that does not cover-up lasers, cameras, flashlights and other devices installed on the rifle.


It is suited for old school rifles as well as modern rifles with rails.


It will fit handguards, barrels, scopes, stocks and even magazines.


Every 3d element is mobile and adjustable to configurate optimal concealment without obstruction. 3d elements are made of HaloScreen and NanoScreen.


The MDC system can also be applied to cameras, backpacks and other sorts of gear requiring rapid and removable 3d camouflage protection.



  • 1 x  100 cm Bungee
  • 2 x 75 cm Bungee
  • 2 x 18 cm Bungee

SCG Modular Bungee Cam

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