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Description :

  • Modular 3d camouflage system for general purpose in green vegetation.
  • Can be used for 3d pattern composition on any given base layer such as jute/burlap ghillies, leaf suits, BDUs, pouches, gloves, backpacks, etc.
  • Allows quick and realistic camouflage creation without glue, knots, paint, dye or other time-consuming methods.
  • Proprietary design ensures optimal volume, relief and visual effects.
  • HaloScreen netting offers superior reflectance management in negative space perception.



  • 225 HaloScreen modules (Colors: 45 x Treeline/45 x Alpage/45 x Tropic/45 x Canopy/45 x Mint)
  • 600 x LCS zip-ties (Color: Earth)
  • User's Manual


Produced by SC-GHILLIE in partnership with Le Covert Sartorialist.

SCG - Le Covert Sartorialist - Reflectance Management Kit

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