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As these are hand made to order, any cancelled Order will be subject to a 20% (of the item price) cancellation fee.


Please note there is a 2/3 week wait on these Ghillie suits due to their popularity.

Cobra Suit - maskhalat designed specifically for conducting long-term sniper action in the realities of modern armed conflict. Modern cut allows for a maximum use of the potential inherent in the present-day uniform and equipment systems. The materials used in the production determine the quality of maskhalat. In addition, thanks to the use of specialized synthetic design mesh a whole suit is extremely light and airy, even after applying the masking stuffing.Because of the wide range of applications suit fits perfectly into the framework of the dynamic battlefield. Thanks to modern base for stuffing, it is extremely easy to maintain continuity of camouflage regardless of the field of action.The advanced drawstring system allows for instant and intuitive fitting masking to every type of body and personal equipment.Hood’s cut is designed to match the requirements of modern asymmetric operations, that put in front of user a variety of tactical situations. Thanks to that it is possible to use the masking with equipped any headgear

SC Ghillie Cobra Suit (Short Sleeve)

Varenr.: LBSCGCS
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