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A video review of the XTC G1 M-ASTER by Modify can be viewed here:


How to program the Aster (firing mode 3rd burst etc) here



Weight2.8 kgLength Min./ Max804 mm / 889 mm
Inner Barrel Length363 mmInner Barrel Caliber6.1 mm
Pellet6 mmMagazine Capacity190 rds


  • Equipped with GATE ASTER electronic trigger
  • M-LOK system
  • Full metal body
  • Metal piston head and metal cylinder head
  • Full steel gears
  • The quick-change spring system
  • Quick battery installation buttstock
  • Set up to produce less than 1.3 joules


GATE ASTER Electronic Trigger Unit / MOSFET

The GATE ASTER is not just any MOSTFET designed to protect your trigger contacts, the ASTER is a direct replacement for the trigger mechanism and features a smart chip and many optical sensors designed to not only improve the performance of the replica, but also report and track logs of the performance of your gun.


The ASTER has many features which can be programmed either via the trigger, or ideally through a PC, allowing for a wide range of stats and settings to be adjusted. Using the trigger you can program the more basic features of the MOSFET, allowing you to configure the Fire Modes, Burst Modes, Battery Protection, Active Braking, and reset factory settings, but when the unit is plugged into a PC it really shines, allowing for advanced diagnostics and more advanced features to be unlocked. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the trigger, with up to 250 different available activation levels thanks to the units highly advanced optical monitoring system.


Please note: This is an airsoft replica and cannot be converted to a real firearm in anyway shape or form 


Modify XD M-Aster Rifle

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