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Based on the classic Russian PP-2000, the PP-2K has been revived in an airsoft rifle that is sure to tick the right boxes especially amongst Russian gun enthusiasts. 


Its 150mm, hardened, anodized inner barrel and the newest Predator hop up bucking from Modify help to achieve commendable airtightness and accuracy.


Modify’s PP-2000 is made on a 1:1 scale incorporating the functions also seen on the real steel PP-2000.


Please note: This is an airsoft replica and cannot be converted to a real firearm in anyway shape or form 



  • Weighing in at 1.35kgs
  • 580mm long
  • Semi-auto and automatic firing modes.
  • The steel buttstock is foldable and can be replaced with an extended magazine. 
  • The 1913 picatinny scope rail, the PP2000 accepts all wide and narrow fixtures on the market. 
  • Set up to produce less than 1.3 joules


The pull operates with the gun mechanism to simulate real-gun action when firing. And the pull can be turned right or left to suit each player. 


The all-steel trigger mechanism vastly improves the durability of the trigger mechanism. The nozzle also has an enlarged opening to improve recoil. 


The lower body accepts a dedicated flash light and the muzzle has a 14mm ccw thread so can use the PP2000 suppressor or other suppressors currently available on the market.


Avoid any pressure on the trigger when the PP2000 is set to "safe" on the fire selector (the white dot). Excess pressure on the trigger whilst it is in safe can cause undue stress on the fire selector possibly resulting in a fire selector failure.


DO NOT charge the bolt with the safety on. Remove the magazine first after shooting a full clip before changing the shooting mode.  Improper operation causes excessive wear or breakage of internal parts. 

Modify PP2000 GBB

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