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To celebrate Longbow's 5th Anniversary, we decided to build 3 very special, top end SRS rifles.


All are built to our specifications using the very best parts on the market offering not only a very stylish rifle but a practical and robust one as well. 


These are one off rifles that come with a certificate detailing each rifle's parts & build.


Each rifle is built and signed off by Jason at Longbow BB Ltd.


Longbow 5th Year Anniversary rifle No. 001 - 22" 


The 22" Rifle is a statement bit of kit that not only looks the part but delivers every time.


The Full top rail offers more RIS Space and is slightly raised to offer a quicker sight picture when getting on the scope.


To complete the look we have opted for the DTSS .338 Suppressor and this really does suppress


We haven't held back on the optic for this rifle at all, the Diamondback Tactical 4-16x44 delivers the "WOW!" factor everytime. This is a First Focal Plane (FFP) scope which means the reticule enlarges to more you zoom in........ and with up to 16x zoom you'll be able to count the freckles on your targets face.



  • Silverback SRS, Right handed in Black
  • Full EdGi Kit with SAP Piston 
  • Dual Stage Speed Trigger 
  • Silverback Open Sear
  • Silverback Fasthop
  • Silverback 70 degree bucking
  • Silverback 22" full length high top RIS rail
  • Chub Nub v3
  • Silverback .338 DTSS Suppressor
  • Vortex Hunter scope rings
  • Vortex Diamond Back Tactical 4-16x44 FFP Optic
  • Nuprol X Large Case - Custom engraved by the legends at Airsoft Anonymous
  • Shadowfoam - Custom cut by those legends at Airsoft Anonymous
  • 2 spare Silverback SRS Magazines (3 in total)
  • 1,000 Longbow 0.45 bb's
  • Longbow SRS Patch
  • Silverback Patch


These rifles are all built to UK power specifications (2.32 Joules)  and optimised for maximum range. 


Optics are also zeroed in - this is a literal "plug and play" rifle 


Please note: This is an airsoft replica and cannot be converted to a real firearm in anyway shape or form 



Longbow 5th Year SRS - No. 001 (22")

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