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Longbow are very proud to annouce the first of their specialist nubs starting with the


HFF* Nub - MDR-X DMR Edition


This has been through several iterations from the original concept now resulting in what I firmly believe is a highly consistent and reliable addition that should be in every MDR-X DMR setup. 


The upper profile of the nub prevent any twisting or left/right deviation which can result in a left or right bias on your bb when shooting.


The nub is an almost exact fit leaving enough room to not act as a hole punch on your bucking but giving a very generous and profiled contact patch for your BB.  


The shape and size of the bucking will also centralise itself in the hop chamber (as pictured).


We have also decided to package these nubs in a very handy reusable plastic case that is perfect for buckings and small components that you may wish to carry in your kit bag.



  • 0.40g bbs or heavier
  • Silverback and EdGi Barrels (or any barrel with a large, regular shaped hop window 


*HFF - How f***ing Far? - This was the initial reaction from our group of testers. 



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