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  • Brand: G&G
  • Powered By: Electric
  • FPS: 301 - 350 (less than 1.3 joules)
  • Construction: Metal/Polymer
  • Hop Up: Adjustable
  • Variant / Platform: AK
  • Blowback Gun: No
  • Recoil: No
  • Shell: Ejecting No
  • Fire Mode: Safe/Single/Auto


"We would like to take the opportunity to address a common ETU issue customers are experiencing. The tact switch in the ETU is designed to be used for quick and light use. Any excessive heavy trigger pull will cause the tact switch to break and malfunction. The travel distance of the tact switch is only 0.2mm. Thus, the trigger will respond without being pulled all the way down. Continuous pulling on the trigger after BB has been fired is unnecessary and will damage the unit."


Please note: This is an airsoft replica and cannot be converted to a real firearm in anyway shape or form 

G&G GT-Advanced RK74-T Tactical with inbuilt Mosfet & ETU

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