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Please note - EdGi products can have a 15-25 working day lead time


The Full EdGi HTI Kit includes


EdGi 730mm Dualbore Brass barrel

EdGi HTI SAP Piston

EdGi HTI Bolt handle and spiralled cylinder

EdGi 3j or 6j Spring



Please note - Maximum Stainless Steel Barrel length is 650mm. If you order a 730mm Barrel in Stainless steel it will come through as a 650mm


You may think a 3 joule spring is way over powered for certain markets but the SAP's threaded airbrake (a world first) can adjust this from 1.6 joules (fully extended) to 2.8 joules (fully retracted) all tested using Longbow 0.4g bbs) - its that flexible! - Proof is in the pictures


This represents an £80 saving from purchasing the above items separately!

Full EdGi HTI Kit

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