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Pleasde note this is a Back Order - these normally have a 15-20 day lead time


SAP PISTON available as an extra


Kit contents:


Spring guide with built in bearing


Piston with teflon guide ring

Bolt (Laser engraved)

Bolt Handle

Dual bore barrel


This is the Longbow & IHFY version of the SRS kit from Edgi Custom Works.


This version of the kit is only available to the UK market exclusively from Longbow & IHFY.


Both companies spent numerous weeks tweaking & adapting the current standard kit with Edgi Custom Works to bring you the best in quality & performance. Each version of the kit goes through the following process upon production... 8 hrs on lapping the barrel 4 hours polishing 2 hours straightening 4 hours poilishing the cylinder to a smoother action.


The Cylinder is designed to have just 2 contact points with the receiver using Heat treated Stainless Steel for extra strength and colour. Stainless Steel spring guide with bearing. The heavier piston makes a better sealing from a polyurethane cap type head creating a perfect seal and a zero bounce.


Standard SRS kits ship with a 6.01mm tight bore barrel however our version of the kit comes complete with a new Dual bore barrel design made especially for the SRS. The Dual bore barrel system will be available in four barrel lengths all with 6.00-6.05mm ID.


Pease note these are made to order so any cancelled order will be subject to a 20% restocking fee

EdGI SRS Upgrade kit (Pull Bolt) - Exclusive Dual Bore Barrel

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