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Introducing the Hadron Airsoft Designs "Quark" TDC click adjuster for the Loki AAP TDC hop unit.


The "Quark" is the next product in line to complement the AAP-01 Hadron Loki TDC hop unit.


You have been asking since the day Loki was announced, for an external adjuster. It was already done.. 

There are several Hadron Airsoft Designs parts to accompany and enhance the AAP-01 Loki TDC hop unit. 

These parts were designed at the same time as the Loki hop unit itself, and part of the Loki concept. 

They are not, and will not be, public knowledge until ready for release.


However, product refinement is driven by feedback, and strenuous testing. 


The product testers loved this, and the ease of adjustment with gloves on. They, however, wanted as low profile as possible for their uses.

It's taken a little time to get this kit as low profile and functional as possible, while making it affordable.


Hadron Airsoft Designs "Quark" body is a CNC made alloy low profile sculpted design, which bolts onto the AAP-01 upper (Round style uppers), using the upper rail front mounting hole. 

The Quark features an external click adjustment system, which is provided by a spring detent installed into the "Quark" chassis. This provides a tactile feel to any adjustment.





Hadron Airsoft Designs "Quark" TDC adjustment wheel replaces the Loki adjustment grub screw. 

When installing the "Quark" TDC adjuster, remove the Loki TDC grub screw. Note:- The metal Loki lock plate can also be removed, if you wish, but the "Quark" works fine with it installed.

Insert the detent grub screw into the "Quark" chassis, with the spring ball pointing into the TDC wheel location. Adjust until the detent spring is protruding into the adjustment wheel cavity.

Affix the "Quark" to your upper with the provided high tensile fixing screw. Do not overtighten and strip the upper.

Insert the adjustment wheel into the "Quark" chassis, and thread into the Loki hop unit.

Check the operation of the hop unit, and "Quark" TDC wheel visually (removing the bolt allows better view of the hop rubber deformation)

If you desire more resistance to the wheel, then the detent adjuster can be tightened. Take care not to overtighten!

Rebuild, and manually cycle the RIF

Test and set up the hop with your Longbow high-quality BB's

AAP-01 Loki Quark

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